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Children Of Divorce More Prone To Strokes Based on more than 13,000 adults living in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the research has found that those whose parents divorced when they were children had twice the odds of having a stroke at some time in their lives.

The DV Cult Last week we were jolted with the news that the global warming crisis is a hoax, an ideologically-driven scam based on data that have been routinely doctored, selectively presented, and when necessary, furtively disposed of. But there’s another global disinformation campaign that is still going strong. Carey Roberts

New Zealand To Further Corrupt Rape Trials The justice system could be tilted to make it easier to convict sex offenders if the Government adopts proposals in a controversial taskforce report.

They may convict even if there is no corroboration or forensic evidence.

Judge KO's Domestic Violence Kickback Scheme Every time we turn around, it seems, we hear of an abuse shelter being accused of discrimination, fraud, or other head-shaking irregularities. And now a judge has ruled the entire abuse shelter industry in the state of West Virginia is wracked by conflict of interest, gender bias, and financial kickbacks. Carey Roberts

Feminism Revisited The mere claim of domestic violence invariably leads to a man being removed from his home, often away from his children. He is presumed guilty until he can prove otherwise. Michael Coren

ACORN Falls From The Tree One tape showed an ACORN employee named Tresa Kaelke of San Bernardino, Calif. bragging how she had murdered her husband. Carey Roberts

'Prison Was Worth It' A Fathers 4 Justice Dad from Farnborough who was jailed after climbing the M25 to protest for access to his daughter has said prison was no deterrent.

Government Purposely Breaking Down Families For the past three decades, warnings that the disintegration of the family would result in social catastrophe were brushed aside. Melanie Phillips

DNA Paternity Tests Should Be Applied To All Newborns I have no desire to limit each individual’s right to his or her own sexuality. But every right and every freedom comes with a responsibility too, and DNA testing all children would indirectly force every adult to be accountable and accept the consequences of his or her actions. Pelle Billing

Texas Executes Innocent Father Cameron Todd Willingham was charged with the murder of his two daughters in a fire and was executed in 2004. Now Barry Scheck of the Innocence Project says this father--who always insisted he was innocent and refused plea bargains--was, in fact, innocent

The Psychology Of Hate Psychology is hate. At least as it is practiced in western culture. Paul Elam

Family Court Injustices Another type of feminist indignity is the use in divorce cases of false allegations of child sexual abuse in order to gain child custody and the financial windfall that goes with it. Former Vancouver, Wa., police officer Ray Spencer has spent nearly 20 years in prison after being convicted of molesting his two children who are now adults and say it never happened. Phyllis Schlafly

Feminism Is Evil Although it is not Susan Pinker’s intention in writing it, reading her excellent book The Sexual Paradox cannot help but further reinforce my view that modern feminism in the 21st century is simultaneously illogical, unnecessary, and evil.  Satoshi Kanazawa

Obama Betrays Men It's no secret that men have been hit hard by the recession. From November 2007 to November 2008, the U.S. economy lost over 2 million jobs — 82% of those losses were male jobs and only 18% female jobs. Carey Roberts

VAWA Nonsense "We have no evidence to date that VAWA has led to a decrease in the overall levels of violence against women."

Fathers Have Become Second-Class Citizens Father’s Day is nothing to celebrate: today’s neutered dads have become overworked assistants to their children rather than paternal role models. Toby Young

False Accusations By Foreign Brides Common Some foreign brides tried to exploit a loophole in immigration law by accusing their husbands of domestic violence, several Valley men say.

Hiding Government Reports Liberals never tire of convincing persons to believe they are victims in dire need of a government hand-out. But this time it's a case of outright mendacity aided by the concealment of a high-level government official. Carey Roberts

Forced To Support Another Man's Children A Philadelphia man was forced to pay more than $12,000 in child support for another man's daughter and spent two years in jail for falling behind on payments.

Aussie White Men To Be Discriminated Against Thanks to planned changes by the Brumby Government to the state Equal Opportunity Act, it will soon be legal to discriminate against middle-aged white able-bodied men who hold the reins of power. In fact, it will be actively encouraged.

Shocking Misandric Adverts  The young boy with the cheerful smile announces that one day he will beat his wife. The demure, sweet-faced girl shyly asserts that one day her husband "will" (not may) kill her. Barbara Kay

Awarded Maintenance For Her Horses A wife has been awarded £50,000 in maintenance for her horses as part of a £1.5m divorce package in a landmark case that could spark bitter disputes over pets.

Judge Segal said: 'In any event, the wife does not want a 9-to-5 job, because this would not give her enough time with her horses.

False Allegations Abound Women's false allegations of domestic violence and sexual abuse of children against their former partners are so rife - and virtually never punished - that it is apparently the best-kept secret crime in the western world. Barbara Kay

Women's Abuse Shelters Are Fraudulent Are abuse shelters really brimming with hapless victims trying to break free of the cycle of violence? The answer to that question is a surprising "No." Carey Roberts

(Also see Would You Sign This Contract?)

Family Annihilators They call men who kill their children (and often themselves) "family annihilators". They are not as rare a breed as we prefer to think; in the past couple of years we have seen several families wiped out by deliberate drowning, fire-raising, smothering and asphyxiation. Ruth Wishart 

(Also see Fathers Who Kill)

Why Dads Are Fighting Back Does the name Simon Anderton mean anything to you? You might have heard his name in the news in recent weeks. Simon risked his life climbing the Tyne Bridge, as his way of fighting for his rights as a father. Douglas Young

How Feminists Do Their 'Research' When Suzanne Steinmetz revealed that women are often as violent as their husbands, the fem-fascists started a whispering campaign designed to block her promotion at the University of Delaware. When that didn’t work, they phoned in a bomb threat at her daughter’s wedding. Cowed by the threats, Steinmetz soon suspended her pioneering research. Carey Roberts

A Warning to all American Fathers

Professor Stephen Baskerville - 2 mins

Amazon link to the professor's highly insightful book.

Professor Baskerville has been researching the American family court system for almost two decades. What he exposes about this system is really quite appalling, and I am sure that his revelations will shock you.

I can summarise his findings very simply. There are billions of dollars being made every year by various professional and governmental groups who profit by driving fathers out of their homes and removing them from their children. American fathers be warned. Unless you are forearmed, you will lose out very heavily indeed should you and your partner ever have even the mildest of relationship problems.

In fact, to put it bluntly, only a real fool of a father would ignore what Professor Baskerville has to say.

Psycho Feminists It’s been a long time since I’ve reminded my readers what a bunch psychotic feminists we have in charge of the Womyn’s movement at Appalachian State University .... Apparently, small, handheld vibrators are not enough. They need your tax dollars to pay for giant sex organs, too. Mike Adams

Alienated Youth In The UK The two things which teenagers need most – a good education and strong family support – have been taken from them by Marxists and feminists, and we will be living with the effects for years to come. Heretical

Ignoring White Male Voters The nation's 97 million white males represent the second largest bloc in the American electorate, after white females. What white men lack in raw numbers, they more than compensate with electoral cohesion and political acumen. Carey Roberts

Whining Feminists In the world of identity politics, one woman's bad date is Every Woman's call to victimhood. Kathleen Parker

Reacting recently to Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama, the president of the New York state chapter of the National Organization for Women issued a press release insisting that Kennedy had committed "the ultimate betrayal" of women by supporting Obama.

No Woman Is Illegal Hillary Clinton has come up with a brilliant solution to the problem of millions of illegals flooding our countryside. Ready for this? Simply declare them legal — at least when it comes to women. Carey Roberts

Making Children Fear Men It can be tough being a man seen around children these days, Mr. Taylor and other men's rights leaders would argue

Gutless Men? Given the 50% divorce rate and 40% -- and rapidly growing -- out-of-wedlock birthrate, men get the short end of the financial stick. But, mysteriously, they keep electing and reelecting the politicians who stick it to them. Men must end this self-defeating behavior by demanding representation to justify the enormous taxation. Marc Rudov

Feminist 'Justice' at Duke Almost daily, men are released after decades of incarceration because DNA tests prove they were wrongly convicted. But while DNA has righted some wrongs, the corruption is so systemic that hard evidence of innocence is no barrier to conviction. Even the Washington Post has documented how feminist crime lab technicians doctor evidence to frame men they know to be innocent. Stephen Baskerville

Women Who Batter Chivalrous men resist the image, but it's a problem that has become so pervasive that we must summon up the courage to face it — an epidemic of women who pummel their husbands and boyfriends. Carey Roberts

IMBRA Feminists are rankled by any hint that their nostrum for female liberation may be curtailing American women’s marriage prospects. Worse, some of these foreign women actually aspire to be mothers and homemakers. Imagine that! Carey Roberts

Just Two Hours Two hours. That’s all Chuck begged his ex-wife for: Just two short, precious hours on Sunday to spend with his son. Deborah Leigh Ketner

Men Are Smarter And Stupider Women occupy important positions as judges, company directors, journalists, professors of science and mathematics. And quite right, too. Yet the stubborn facts of history remain. Very few truly original scientific discoveries have been made by women. There are no women geniuses in physics or mathematics to rival Newton or Einstein. AN Wilson

Paternity Battle That Rocked Australia Meredith possessed the deck, played each and every one of her cards correctly, won the game, and collected all of the spoils. Lea Anna Cooper

Unmarried Irish Fathers Gain Parental Rights An unmarried father of twin boys must have his children returned to his custody from England, a Dublin judge ruled Tuesday in a landmark judgment for the parental rights of unmarried men.

Most Child Support Defaulters Are Poor OCSE data shows that two-thirds of those behind on child support nationwide earned poverty-level wages; less than four percent of the national child support debt is owed by those earning $40,000 or more a year. Jeffery Leving and Glenn Sacks

Time To Scale Back The Pedestal? Has the pedestal gone the way of the bustle, the bobbie sock, and the beehive hairdo? Carey Roberts

Why Did Feminists Attack the Family? The contemporary cultural and political war against the family has several causes, of which feminism is by far the most significant. Heretical Sex

Welfare: The Road To Serfdom It is not called the welfare “state” for nothing. For unnoticed by reformers has been a startling development that is far more serious than even the devastating economic effects. This is the quiet metamorphosis of welfare from a simple system of public assistance into nothing less than a miniature penal apparatus, replete with its own system of courts, prosecutors, police, and jails: juvenile and “family” courts, “matrimonial” lawyers, child protective services, domestic violence units, child support enforcement agents, and more Stephen Baskerville

The Nifong Wall Of Shame Several years ago, I made a funding request for a new Men’s Resource Center (MRC) at UNC-Wilmington. This was largely in response to the establishment of a Women’s Resource Center (WRC) here on our predominantly female campus. Back then, I made the request on the grounds of Equal Protection. Mike Adams

The Legacy Of Michael Nifong "Hundreds of times during the past 10 years, federal agents and prosecutors have pursued justice by breaking the law ... Rarely were these federal officials punished for their misconduct." Carey Roberts

Equal Pay At Wimbledon? Sports columnist Alan Mascaren has concluded that by almost all criteria, "women's tennis is an inferior product." So if the ladies are bringing in far less revenue but taking home just as much money as the guys, where is their money coming from? You guessed it — out of the men's pockets. Carey Roberts

Bashing Fathers TIME magazine's new Father's Day hatchet job on divorced and separated fathers questions whether fathers "have done a good enough job to deserve the honor" of having a Father's Day. Glenn Sacks

133 Court Hearings Just To See His Daughters Denied access to his three children after his divorce, Mark was jailed for standing outside his house to wave to them. It took ten years and 133 hearings before they were reunited. How CAN the Government insist cases like his are kept secret?

A Musical Journey Of Women If radical feminists are not burying us under fakeumentaries about domestic violence, they are rolling out sexism-as-art. David Usher

Why Women Don’t Negotiate American women control almost 60% of national wealth and make 80% of the purchases. They comprise 54% of the electorate and graduate college 33% more frequently than men. Through the Roe v. Wade decision, they have the unilateral right to opt out of parenthood Marc Rudov

Woman Hangs Children; Not Her Fault According to Elaine Epstein, former president of the Massachusetts Women’s Bar Association, restraining orders are doled out "like candy" to “virtually all who apply," and that "in virtually all cases, no notice, meaningful hearing, or impartial weighing of evidence is to be had." Glenn Sacks

Gender-Baiting Scorecard Have you noticed how often politicos are playing the gender card these days? The upswing can be traced back to January — that's when Nancy Pelosi was confirmed as Speaker of the House and Hillary Clinton announced her presidential run. Carey Roberts

Hillary Clinton Seeks SAFs The Single Anxious Female has taken over from the soccer mom of the 1990s and the stockcar-racing Nascar dad of the Bush era as the influential new voting block that could deliver victory to Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election.

Alec Baldwin: Father Since when did every parent in America become answerable to the media and the government for what they say to their children? As several commentators noted, if every parent were to lose their children every time they lose their temper, all the children in America would be parentless. Stephen Baskerville

Duke Case: The Feminist Klan Exposed One thing is clear: feminist campus activities at Duke in 2006 did not occur because of spontaneous student outrage. They were organized by professors in the Women’s Studies department in cohort with national feminist organizations such as the National Organization for Women and the American Association of University Women. David Usher

Lynch Mob Fever At Duke Our country was founded on the principles of rule of law and the presumption of innocence. But what we witnessed in Durham, North Carolina over the last year had little to do with the even-handed pursuit of justice. Except for the absence of ropes and gasoline, it resembled a small-town lynch mob. Carey Roberts

American Justice From Overpaid Judges I spoke to the Matrimonial Commission in Albany. Despite fathers rights activist after fathers rights activist appearing at these hearings to express their pain, the commission offered an 88 page report that hardly mentioned shared parenting. Rinaldo Del Gallo

In an 88-page investigation on matrimonial law (the law of marriage and divorce), the term “father” or “fathers” never appeared. Though there were numerous members of the panel, not a single fathers rights activist was on the panel. And while sole purpose of the panel was to examine the state of matrimonial law and how it was handled in New York, shared parenting was reduced to but a single paragraph, and did not discuss any findings by psychologist or learned professionals.

Women Encouraged To Divorce Family law now allows mothers to walk away from marriages at any time and take the children with them. Not only is this permitted, it is encouraged and rewarded with financial incentives. Stephen Baskerville - 6 min

Imus, White Males And PC Is there any group you can attack with more impunity than males – particularly white males? Rebecca Hagelin

Feminism And Totalitarianism I have reached the conclusion that modern-day feminism has become totalitarian in its ideology, tactics, and objectives. Carey Roberts

Women Bosses Set Up To Fail Women bosses are being 'set up to fail' because they only land top jobs with firms which are in trouble, research reveals today.

Companies with falling shareprices and collapsing profits are more likely to appoint a woman to be the boss, than a man.

Delay Tactics To Thwart Father's Rights Behind the Anna Nicole Smith circus lies an important truth about fathers' rights. Smith's ex-boyfriend, has a legitimate claim to paternity. He has been thwarted for several months by the same legal maneuvers which are often employed to separate fathers from their children. Jeffery Leving & Glenn Sacks

'Men Must Do More' Says Cherie Blair Men must play a greater role as fathers and carers of elderly parents, Cherie Blair will say today.

"This Government has begun to talk about the importance of men's role as active fathers, not just as breadwinners.

Foreign Wives Having spent some time working in Korea, China, and Singapore I can testify to the vast attitudinal differences towards marriage between foreign women in these countries and their brainwashed American counterparts. David Usher

Toxic Wives Part II Capturing a rich husband is seen as a legitimate career choice in itself. A 25-year-old banker friend told me that many girls don't even bother getting a job after university - they stay on the party circuit until they've trapped their milch-cow. Tara Winter Wilson

Toxic Wives Part I Once upon a time, there was a truth, universally acknowledged, that a man with a powerful job and a beautiful house must be in want of a wife – preferably of the trophy variety. Domesticated, docile yet dazzling, she was the perfect finishing touch. Tara Winter Wilson

Women Always Innocent, Men Always Guilty Some men commit crimes because that’s what men do, the thinking goes. But women offend because they didn’t get the help they needed and they were at their wits’ end. Mindelle Jacobs

CEDAW Article 10 would make it a federal responsibility to ensure "the elimination of any stereotyped concept of the roles of men and women at all levels and in all forms of education . . . by the revision of textbooks and . . . teaching methods." Phyllis Schlafly

Hillary Clinton's Gender War Elect a man to office and the first thing he does is pass a law that benefits women. ... [But] Can you think of a single Congresswoman who has pushed for funding to help boys who are falling behind in school? Can you name a law for prostate cancer research that was spearheaded by a woman? Carey Roberts

Carey Robert's Masculinity Awards Masculinity has come under siege. All manner of unpleasant things that happen to women are blamed on those linear-thinking, knuckle-dragging males. Carey Roberts

Women More Likely To Initiate Divorce Statistically it is the woman who 12 years later decides she's had enough and files for divorce. - which is hardly surprising - given that women will end up with all the goodies.

Women Bosses Worse For Women Women bosses are significantly more likely than men to discriminate against female employees.

Judge Lambasts Feminism "Just as we saw with the femifascists, illiberal liberals don't want equality; they want to make some people more equal than others. ... Liberals have converted the courts from the 'least dangerous' branch of government envisioned by the Founding Fathers to the most dangerous.

Duke Case All Too Common In another twist in an already questionable criminal case, DNA testing in the infamous Duke lacrosse case found no genetic material from any of the accused males on the woman's body or on her clothing, but analysts found DNA from several unknown males on the accuser's body. Jim Kouri

Abortion Bills Violate Men's Rights A man could be imprisoned for a year and fined $5,000 for ceasing to cohabit with his pregnant girlfriend. Wendy McElroy

Family Values I wish I had a dime in my pocket for every time I heard a Republican politician stand up and proclaim his support for "family values." Carey Roberts

Women Are Dependent On Men Women are preprogrammed to feel dependent on men. Even today women may be richer and enjoy all the trappings of success but, deep down in their psyche, they fear they can't survive alone. Nick Neave

While feminists may argue this proves women have finally kicked off the shackles of dependence on men, I'm afraid they're wrong.

Men 'Guilty' For Not Wanting A Baby Bob tells Jane he doesn't want to pay their bills anymore. He says he's tired of arguing with her, doesn't want her to have the baby, and wants to move out for a while and think things over. Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks

California's Mandatory Arrest Laws They "frustrate police officers because they are "expected to make arrests in petty incidents, often where the woman is the aggressor, the abuse is mutual, or it is unclear who the aggressor was." Glenn Sacks

Silent Wedding Bells Am I the only one who is worried about the collapse of the traditional American family right before our very eyes? Carey Roberts

Men's Health vs Women's Health “We’ve got men dying at higher rates of just about every disease, and we don’t know why,” said Dr. Demetrius J. Porche.

But the mere suggestion that men need their own health bureau or that they must advocate for their rights like a victimized minority rankles some women’s health advocates, and some politicians are reluctant to take men’s health on as a cause, for fear of alienating women.

In the UK, the government spends about eight times more money on women's health issues than on men's.

The Failures And Falsehoods Of Feminism Chair of the Republican party of Virginia Kate Obenshain Griffin delivered a lecture titled “The Failures of Feminism” Thursday to a large audience.

Fast Food Law The overwhelming number of the 'victims' interviewed did not attempt to mask the real reasons they filed a domestic violence claim: control, money, and revenge. Terri Lynn Tersak

Aussie Men Might Get DNA-Testing Rights Men would have an automatic right to DNA testing to check that they are the biological parents of their children under a plan being pushed by the Government's back bench.

Bush Needs To Rein In The Fems In most states, DV is defined so broadly that sending mental telepathic messages is now considered be a form of harassment and worthy of state intervention — remember the David Letterman case? Carey Roberts

Dearth Of Male Schoolteachers Teaching is fast becoming an all-female profession with women outnumbering men in the classroom as much as 13 to one, dramatic new figures revealed today.

Watch Out Girls! Never go into a shopping mall restroom alone, as only women who are by themselves are targeted. Carey Roberts

Fathers Rights Need More Attention The issue of a father's rights and responsibilities covers more than just the media-highlighted subject of access to his children. Richard Collier and Sally Sheldon 

Florida Men Get A Break On False Paternity A new state law allows men a way out of child-support payments when they can prove that they are not the child's biological father.

Paternity In Pennsylvania While DNA testing can determine whether a man is the biological father of a child, Pennsylvania courts have returned mixed rulings on whether he is responsible for support payments after he and the mother split up

Also see, ... it is 'in the best interest of our children' that governments should be actively seeking to discourage most strongly those women who might be inclined to be deceptive concerning the fathers of their children. Instead, however, many are doing the exact opposite. 

Male Contraceptive Study Expanded Trials of a new male contraceptive are being expanded in the US after overwhelming initial interest.

The New Gender Order One of the tacit rules of the New Gender Order is that the opinions of men don't count. Carey Roberts

Dissing Men There is a new “gender war” and the main target of discrimination is no longer women, according to research - it is men. Jim Macnamara

On Jessica Lynch's Army When her convoy made a wrong turn behind enemy lines, 19-year-old Jessica Lynch passed out during the ensuing ambush. For that she was rewarded with fawning media coverage, an official biography, and a made-for-TV movie. Carey Roberts

Family Breakdown Family breakdown is too often driven not by feckless fathers but by girls and women who now treat men as no more than sperm donors, walking wallets and occasional au pairs, and think they are otherwise entirely disposable. Melanie Phillips 

The Myth Of Male Privilege "I am angry over the hypocrisy of too many women I know – their assertion of strength and independence except when it is convenient to be weak and dependent. Sam De Brito

Men More Intelligent? It is research that is guaranteed to delight men - and infuriate the women in their lives. A controversial new study has claimed that men really are more intelligent than women.

David Letterman Restraining Order Borrowing the title of a famous George Gershwin ditty, "they all laughed" when a Santa Fe, New Mexico family court judge granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) against TV talk show host David Letterman to protect a woman he had never met, never heard of, and lived 2,000 miles away from. Phyllis Schlafly

Young Father Cheated Out Of His Child Christopher Sorgani discovered his former girlfriend had given his newborn son up for adoption despite his continual requests to raise the boy.

Boys Learn More From Men For all the differences between the sexes, here's one that might stir up debate in the teacher's lounge: Boys learn more from men and girls learn more from women.

American Dad Files Lawsuit For $3 Billion The father of two minor children who live in Eugene has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the State of Oregon, naming over a dozen of its employees, including Governor Kulongoski, and the three major credit bureaus for civil damages amounting to $3 billion.

Human Trafficking - Mostly Men A recent United Nations report, Trafficking in Persons: Global Patterns, noted, "it is men especially who might be expected to be trafficked for forced labor purposes." Carey Roberts

More Feminist Pork Stephen Lewis, is calling for a multimillion dollar Women’s Rights Agency at the United Nations,

False Accusations Made By Mother When she was a child her mother “would begin by telling me a sordid–and false–story about my father…She then instructed me to repeat the story word for word until she was satisfied with my rendition.” Jeffery Leving and Glenn Sacks

Goodbye Mum And Dad Victorian schools are being advised to dump the words "mother" and "father" by a controversial new teachers manual that promotes the cause of same-sex parents.

Paternity Fraud Still Supported By Judges In USA He who acts like a father, is a father -- if not biologically than at least legally -- the Court of Appeals said Thursday in imposing "equitable paternity" on a man who wrongly assumed he had fathered a girl and acted accordingly.

Media Cover Up Boys' Educational Problems "Naturally the elites are pooh-poohing the 'boy crisis'—because it interferes with their victimologist view that the real 'crisis' facing boys is that they're not enough like girls." John Leo

Educating Boys Various studies had found that male teachers were more likely to motivate boys, cater for their interests, and provide stable role models for boys who lacked that at home. For many boys today, only mothers and female teachers were involved in their education. Kathy Webb

Ideology Trumps Equality 'For Heaven's sake, a man is cheating on you, you do what every wife in this country does: You take him to the cleaners. Barbara Kay

Watch For Jump In Alimony Payments Twenty-one years ago, Canada adopted "no-fault" divorce, meaning the misconduct of either spouse in a marriage must not be taken into account when establishing spousal support. Now that's to be changed. Ted Byfield

False Accusations Pandemic False accusations of violence or abuse are endemic in family law cases. The California Senate and the Assembly Committee on Public Safety recently approved a misguided bill which will make the problem worse by easing the way for spurious spousal rape allegations to be used against fathers. Jeffery Leving and Glenn Sacks

Is Being A Woman Sufficient Defence? A New South Wales grandmother who skinned and cooked her de facto husband will plead with a court to overturn her life sentence - because she is a woman.

Divorced Dads - Much Stress, No Power Like most divorced fathers, I'm caught in exactly the kind of nightmarish situation that experts on stress say to avoid — a great deal of responsibility, but very little power. Stephen Perrine - New York Times!

UK Boys Denied Proper Education A generation of boys is leaving school unable to cope in the modern world because lessons have become "feminised", according to a renowned academic. Stephen Perrine 

America's War On Fathers The evidence of this almost unthinkable scenario is everywhere.

More UK Women Than Men Default On Child Support Latest returns from the government agency show that a marginally higher proportion of women than men persistently refuse to pay child maintenance.

+ The Child Support Agency has had to refund hundreds of thousands of pounds in maintenance payments to more than 3,000 men after DNA tests revealed that they had been wrongly named by mothers in paternity suits. One in six men who took a DNA test to challenge claims by women that they were the fathers of their children were cleared by the results, according to official figures disclosed by the agency.

Parental Alienation ... anybody old enough to drink coffee knows that embittered divorcees can and do manipulate their children. Not just women, but men, too. But because mothers more often are awarded custody of children, they more often draft their children to share their bitterness. Kathleen Parker

Feminised Men OK, so whining about "men's rights" on Mother's Day is about as popular as gift-wrapped Brillo Pads. I'm sincerely glad for my daughter that women have come a long way, baby. But feminized men are not much good to anyone, least of all women. Peter Bronson

The DV Scam Knowing that a woman can get a restraining order against the father of her children in an ex parte proceeding without any evidence, and that she will never be punished for lying, domestic-violence accusations have become a major tactic for securing sole child custody. Phyllis Schlafly

Equal Pay Day There’s one problem with Equal Pay Day—the premise is bogus. Feminists may not like it, but the evidence shows that women’s choices—not discrimination—cause wage gap. Carrie Lukas

Was It Rape? A man who claims he mistakenly had sex with "the wrong woman" after entering a dark bedroom at the home of a Sydney magazine editor was yesterday committed to stand trial for rape.

Children As Government Fodder  It is a commonplace of political science that bureaucracies relentlessly expand, often by creating the problem they exist to address. Appalling as it sounds, the conclusion is inescapable that we have created a huge army of officials with a vested interest in child abuse. Stephen Baskerville

Feminist Bullies The feminists want a quota-imposed unisex society regardless of the facts of life, voluntary choice, human nature, common sense, or documented merit. And they use the power of government to achieve their goal. Phyllis Schlafly

Duke University Fiasco Organized feminism is about women and trial lawyers using sex to make money from a pedestal of feigned Victorian purity. David Usher

Ignoring Men's Health At latest count, the lifespan of women was 80.1 years, with men trailing at 74.8 years. And Black men – their life expectancy is only 69 years. Whatever happened to the vision of gender equality? Carey Roberts

Endemic Unfairness Towards Men Numerous bar associations, legal groups and attorneys have complained that many restraining orders are simply custody maneuvers, and that they represent a horrendous violation of due process. Nevertheless, most courts grant them to practically any woman who applies. Mike McCormick & Glenn Sacks

USA Waking Up To Paternity Fraud Paternity fraud is rampant in the United States, triggering legislation and legal challenges in more than a dozen states, according to family law attorneys and fathers' rights activists. Tresa Balda

Hysteria And Confusion Debra LaFave is what we used to refer to as a “bombshell.” Knowing none of the students involved, I can guarantee that ... Until the therapists and grief counselors got a hold of him, far from being a victim, that boy lived a fantasy schoolboys (and men) can only dream of. Mark Charalambous

Manliness In Manliness, Harvey C. Mansfield seeks to persuade skeptical readers, especially educated women, to reconsider the merits of male protectiveness and assertiveness. It is in no way a defense of male privilege, but many will be offended by its old-fashioned claim that the virtues of men and women are different and complementary. Women would be foolish not to pay close attention to Mansfield's subtle and fascinating argument. Christina Hoff Sommers - 12 min

Paternity Scam Recently That's Life! magazine polled 5,000 women and asked them if they would lie to get pregnant. Two-fifths of the women - 42% to be exact - said "yes." Carey Roberts

Denying Men's Legal Rights Why are overzealous prosecutors trying to put men in prison for an alleged crime that no one will corroborate in court that the alleged victim may not want prosecuted or punished? Phyllis Schlafly

Corrupt Family Courts Many people have trouble believing the harrowing tales of human rights abuses now taking place in American family courts and wonder why, if they are true, we do not hear more about it. Perhaps because in many jurisdictions it is a crime to criticize family court judges or otherwise discuss family law cases publicly. In other words, censorship works. Stephen Baskerville

Bogus Restraining Orders Each year, 500,000 domestic restraining orders are issued without even an allegation of violence, according to a recent report from R.A.D.A.R. These orders are often used as a legal tactic designed to gain an unfair advantage during a divorce proceeding. Carey Roberts

Who Works More? A man may be a devoted caretaker of his children or a talented cook, but if he is unable to provide for his family, he is not respected. Yet when a man works long hours to fulfill the breadwinner role which he is still expected to perform, he is blamed for not contributing as much at home as his wife does. Glenn Sacks

Progressive Secularists To Become Extinct Childlessness and small families are increasingly the norm today among progressive secularists. As a consequence, an increasing share of all children born into the world are descended from a share of the population whose conservative values have led them to raise large families. Phillip Longman

Blaming Men For Women's Deceits? If a woman represents to the man that she is physically incapable of getting pregnant, and this is a misrepresentation of fact, then should the man be held financially responsible when she gets pregnant? David Usher

Spain's Left-Wing Government Targets Men It will reverse the burden of proof so that the accused must demonstrate that he is not guilty instead of the other way round.

How Uganda Treats Boys Despite a law that prohibits sending children to adult prisons, some boys barely into their teens spend days, weeks or even months in local jails, mixed in with killers, rapists and other hard-core criminals. The boys are often subjected to beatings and rape by the older inmates, putting them at risk for AIDS.

Whatever Happened To Black Families? Forced to compete with a government welfare program, poor Black men had suddenly found themselves persona non grata in their own homes. Like an unwelcome houseguest, Uncle Sam had moved in, unpacked his bags, and made himself a surrogate husband. Carey Roberts

Absent Dad Disorder Our public schools are a mess. We don't want to admit it, because of the consequences of such an admission. For a generation we have been told that the education system would show improvement if only we would pour in more money. Dave Daubenmire

Paternity Issues Since telling the father could trigger a breakup and leave the child without proper support, the hospital keeps the secret. Carolyn Abraham - 12 min

Contesting Child Support Contending that women have more options than they do in the event of an unintended pregnancy, men's rights activists are mounting a long shot legal campaign aimed at giving them the chance to opt out of financial responsibility for raising a child.

What Makes Women Happier? Progressive married women—who should be enjoying some or all of the fruits that Betty Freidan lobbied for—are less happy, it would appear, than women who live as if Friedan never existed. Meghan O'Rourke

Feminist Victory Everyone recognizes that discrimination is bad, which allows gender warriors to think up programs and legislation to root it out. If women's preferences and choices are responsible for the differences in outcomes between men and women, gender warriors' reason for existence begins to disappear. Carrie Lukas

The Patriarchy Will Soon Return Advanced societies are growing more patriarchal, whether they like it or not. In addition to the greater fertility of conservative segments of society, the rollback of the welfare state forced by population aging and decline will give these elements an additional survival advantage, and therefore spur even higher fertility. As governments hand back functions they once appropriated from the family, notably support in old age, people will find that they need more children to insure their golden years, and they will seek to bind their children to them through inculcating traditional religious values akin to the Bible’s injunction to honor thy mother and father. Phillip Longman - 15 min

No Fault Divorce In New York It's ironic, Dickinson said, that New York is moving toward no-fault divorce at a time when a handful of states are facing moves to repeal their no-fault laws amid claims that the laws encourage divorce, victimize nonconsenting spouses and hurt children.

Dads Are Important Keep in mind, every time a father is relegated to the status of an every-other-weekend visitor, it’s the children who lose out. It’s those same kids who end up as social misfits and statistics in your newspaper police report. Carey Roberts

On Feminism Feminist literature is filled with putdowns of the role of housewife and mother. This ideology led directly to feminist insistence that the taxpayers provide “a comprehensive program of government-supported child care.”... Robin Morgan, one of the founders of Ms. Magazine, said that marriage is “a slavery-like practice” and that “we can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.” Phyllis Schlafly - 16 min

Respect For Feminism As Vice President of the National Organization for Women’s Orlando, Florida chapter, this column will give you all the respect that you deserve, not to mention all the attention that you crave. Mike Adams

The Departure Of Lawrence Summers Multicultural feminists hold that any statistical under-representation of women must be due to white male oppression. For Summers to suggest otherwise would be analogous to the King of Saudi Arabia suggesting that Mohamed wasn't a prophet. James Miller

+ Despite incessant repetition of the word "diversity" in academe, the tragic fact is that the academic world is one of the most intolerant places in America when it comes to diversity of ideas. Even the president of Harvard dare not step out of line. Thomas Sowell

Living Alone A quarter of women now marry younger men, while a quarter of males aged under 25 still live with their parents, government statistics show.

From 1971 to 2005 the number of households rose from 18.6 million to 24.2 million. The rise includes an 11 percentage-point increase in the number of single-person households, fuelled by divorce rates.

Did you know that feminism increases global warming? - and that it also helps to increase the price of fuel?

You get a gold sticker if you can work out how.

Men Are The Losers Men are the real victims of discrimination so virulent it is shortening their life spans, causing them to be self-destructive and suicidal, crippling their educational opportunities and destroying a generation of fatherless children.

Paternity Fraud As the nation experiences an unprecedented increase in unwed motherhood, more men are finding themselves named as "fathers," for purposes of child support, simply because of their ability to pay,

Boys Hampered By Feminism The problems plaguing boys are not pecuniary, but paradigmatic: the progressive, child-centered worldview and feminism. Ilana Mercer

V-Day Frolics When a man fools around, he is a bum. When a woman fools around, it is because the man isn’t good enough in bed. David Usher

Erectile Dysfunction In a series on celebrities and their health, the BBC News website talks to racing driver Sir Stirling Moss about his erectile dysfunction.

Ladies Who Lecture How stirring that universities now hire lots of women. Andrew Bolt

War Against Boys Gilligan's solution for the Boy Crisis involves boys "recognizing their sensitivities, building honest relationships, and strengthening a healthy capacity for resistance." Translation: More sexual harassment lectures and fewer sports programs. Carey Roberts

Nurseries Not Good For Children One of the world’s most popular parenting gurus is to warn that placing children younger than three in nurseries risks damaging their development.

Feminism On Campus To tell you the truth, I don’t know when it was. But I have definitely realized that feminists are the biggest censors on my campus. Mike Adams - very funny

Politically-Corrected Science An academic row has erupted after one of the world's leading scientific journals refused to publish an article which claims that men and women think differently.

No Limit On Proving Paternity The Ohio Supreme Court upheld a state law Wednesday that gives men unlimited time to use DNA proof that they are not biological fathers, which means they could stop paying child support. At last!

American Boy Sues Sexist School The fear of being branded a girly swot has long been cited as the reason some boys fail their examinations. Now this may be presented as evidence in an American schoolboy's landmark lawsuit.

Doctors Ignore Fathers When writer Andrew Don's much longed for daughter died in the womb, he felt like his world had collapsed.

Equality In Education The Gender Equity in Education Act pumped tens of millions of dollars into advocacy research and feminist-inspired programs, all based on the fraudulent claim that girls were lagging in an all-encompassing patriarchal society. Carey Roberts - demonstrating yet another example of the highly prejudicial and damaging notion that when girls lag behind boys educationally it must be the fault of the 'environment', but when the opposite is true then it must be the fault of the boys themselves!

Narcissistic Feminism The four most common words a feminist uses are “I,” “me,” “my,” and “mine.” Mike Adams

Debunking Feminist Ideology Kate O’Beirne’s "Women Who Make the World Worse" is one of the boldest books challenging the orthodoxy of political correctness to be released in years. Above all, it documents the real damage inflicted on our culture by radical feminism and the women who lead that destructive movement. David Limbaugh

Whose Fault Is Divorce? When the husband divorces his wife, it's hubby's fault. When the wife divorces her husband, well, it's hubby's fault too. Jeffrey Leving

Making The World Worse O'Beirne deploys a tactic that orthodox feminists consider grossly unfair: She quotes them and highlights their claims. Christina Hoff Sommers

No Help Or Research For Male Suicide It occurred to me that if 86 percent of adolescent suicides were girls, there would be a national commission to find out why. There'd be front-page stories and Oprah shows and nonprofit foundations throwing money at sociologists and psychologists to study female self-destruction. Joan Ryan

"As much as I would love to lead the charge (in finding out why boys kill themselves), try to go out and get funding for it," said Lanny Berman, the executive director of the association. He is frustrated that funders aren't interested in studying boys and men.

Orchestrated Frenzy Contemporary judges view divorce hearings as a mechanism for punishing men, child custody hearings reflect a considerable bias in favor of women, employers now hire on the basis of chromosomal characteristics, and the workplace, thanks to the sexual harassment industry, is an environment hostile to males. Bernard Chapin

Taking Feminists Seriously Generally speaking, feminists get together with other feminists because it is less expensive than seeing a therapist. Mike Adams - nice piece - and very accurate

Men Are Doomed Are men on the verge of extinction? With recent research showing that the Y chromosome is shrinking, their future certainly looks bleak, says New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. In this extract from her controversial new book, she looks towards a distinctly female-friendly future. Maureen Dowd

Fathers For Justice O’Connor’s problem was that, unlike Greenpeace, Fathers4Justice was never seen as a “progressive” pressure group; it is not seen as an organisation fighting for the underdog. Yet it’s hard to think of any sector of society more discriminated against than fathers. Rod Liddle

Angry Wimmin O’Beirne has hit a nerve, and now these same angry women are trying to sink the book—though we predict they’ll have about as much success with Kate as they had defeating Reagan and G. W. Bush. Their tactic: an apparent smear campaign on Amazon.com. Charlotte Hays

Family Destruction Feminists now pose as defenders of motherhood, and their weapons are children. But the aim is not to strengthen motherhood and the family but to turn them over to the care of government. Stephen Baskerville

Professional Feminists What feminists couldn't impose by constitutional amendment they have imposed through the schools, college faculties, and the culture, by judicial fiat and advocacy dressed up as legislation. Don't be fooled by their militant insistence that women's equality has been thwarted. These women are chronically dissatisfied and qualified for only one job: professional feminist. Kate O’Beirne

Saintly Women According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, women are the most common abusers of children. Carey Roberts

Yes indeed. When a man commits an offence he gets a prison sentence. When a woman commits the same offence she gets therapy.

After Innocence This past weekend in Los Angeles, a friend and I went to see the debut of a new movie entitled, After Innocence. The movie, in my opinion, was excellent and showed the lives of a number of men who had been wrongly convicted of crimes, most involving charges of rape. Ray Blumhorst

Restraining Orders Many, if not most, domestic violence restraining orders are simply tactical maneuvers designed to gain advantage in high-stakes family law proceedings. The Illinois Bar Journal calls the orders "part of the gamesmanship of divorce." Jeffery Leving and Glenn Sacks

Women Abandon Workplace Linda Hirshman outraged the US when she said the real glass ceiling is at home. She prescribed a new set of rules for women: put work first, marry beneath you, and never have more than one child." Suzanne Goldenberg

Seeking Superiority If the old paradigm of men as providers and women as nurturers is flawed, then why is it that women’s groups are so opposed to giving men equal footing in custody disputes? The answer is that feminists were never just seeking gender equality, they were seeking gender superiority. Joe Englert

Court-Martialled For Humorous Language Navy Lt. Bryan D. Black, a U.S. Naval Academy faculty member, thought he was just shooting the breeze when he told a midshipman that getting on a battleship turned him on. ... Unfortunately for Black, among the midshipmen was at least one sensitive female. ... Now he faces a special court-martial and three criminal charges. Kathleen Parker

Fathers Lose Out As divorces became easy to get, feminists suddenly did an about-face in their demand that fathers share equally in child care. Upon divorce, mothers demand total legal and physical custody and control of their children, arguing that only a mother is capable of providing proper care and upbringing, and a father's only function is to provide a paycheck. Phyllis Schlafly

Women Who Make the World Worse Women Who Make the World Worse shows how feminism has devastated American society: fracturing families; making American schools and workplaces into battlefields to advance feminist causes; and exalting working women among mothers and consigning millions of children to a soulless upbringing by daycare center employees. Through it all, O'Beirne shows that feminists have poisoned American public discourse about gender issues with politically charged claptrap about how a hostile patriarchy makes women its helpless victims. Kate O'Beirne

Domestic Violence Against Men Finally Recognised Last Month Congress reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act. The final version includes text that, for the first time, recognizes male victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This is a step in the right direction of a balanced approach to family violence -- but only the first step. Cathy Young

Women Need To Emote A while back two friends were in the midst of a breakup. The females in this circle of friends got together over a bottle of wine to laugh, cry and talk it through. The men? They shared a bottle of scotch, watched the game and hit a bucket of balls. They never uttered a word about the breakup. Joann Klimkiewicz

The New Chivalry The truth is that the new chivalry is so all-encompassing that capturing its magnitude would require quite a tome indeed. I haven’t even touched on feminist-inspired junk research, which I wrote about in my piece, “When Science and Feminism Become Bedfellows.” But now for the million-dollar question: does it really matter? Selwyn Duke - 5 min

Brain Differences After analyzing magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) of 23 men and 10 women, the team found that the sexes use different areas of the brain even when working on exactly the same task.

Men have more than six times the amount of gray matter -- which controls information processing -- in their brains as women do. But females have 10 times the amount of white matter, which controls networking abilities.

Only Women Are Victims Why highlight the tragic demise of one woman, and gloss over the deaths of the 14 men? Carey Roberts 

Demonised Father Fights Back A father is demanding a public retraction from the Public Broadcasting System and threatening to sue for libel after the network broadcast a show that he says wrongly portrayed him as an abusive husband and father. Wendy McElroy

No Reproductive Rights For Fathers When a woman gets pregnant she — and she alone — has the right to decide whether or not to carry the baby to term, and whether to raise the child herself or to give it up for adoption. Fathers have no say in the matter. Glenn Sacks

Destroying Marriage No man in his right mind would start a family today if he understood how the federal government subsidizes the stealing of his children and his own incarceration for an assortment of newfangled gender "crimes" they make it impossible for him not to commit. Stephen Baskerville

Male Victims Of DV Ignored Most people are surprised to hear that 30 years of research show that men are a significant portion of domestic violence victims.

Women Make Better Rulers? My friend, who happens to be a feminist, said something rather curious: "I think that if women ruled everything, the world would be a better place." Greg Walker

Paternity Fraud Joseph Dixon said he was not exactly thrilled when his girlfriend of one and a half years told him she was pregnant. But, Mr. Dixon said, he did not want her to have an abortion and was determined to do the right thing..

Women Not Equal Under The Law Bad news to the Lavender Ladies at the N.O.W.: Women are still lesser to men in the eyes of the American legal system. What's worse, it's women who are bringing this upon themselves. Three recent events show this to be true. Carey Roberts

The Truth Behind Child Support Defaults Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement data shows that two-thirds of those who owe child support nationwide earned less than $10,000 in the previous year. According to the largest federally funded study of divorced fathers ever conducted, unemployment, not willful neglect, is the largest cause of failure to pay child support. Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks

Military Men Cheated Out Of Their Children Gallant Americans are risking life and limb in Iraq to defend home and country. But they never dreamed they might lose their children, too. Phyllis Schlafly

Men Tired Of How They Are Portrayed Men are tired of their portrayal in advertising, according to a new book by Michael Buerk. But images of men behaving stupidly is not the only cliche which irritates writer John Camm.

The DV Industry An AUDIO interview with Professor Stephen Baskerville - .mp3 - focusing on the truths concerning DV and VAWA. - 23 min 

Where To Go? There was no place for these murdered men to seek assistance because there are no shelters for men in Saint Louis. Hot lines, shelters, and legal advocacy agencies have little to offer either because there is no funding to do so. David Usher

The Princess-Victim Complex It's not just the feminist propaganda mill that endlessly replays the woman-as-victim mantra. Chivalrous men, acting out their fantasies of the White Knight in Shining Armor, are guilty as well. Carey Roberts

Ridiculing Men It is not the first time that a BBC show has set out to ridicule men in a way that would cause outrage if the target were women. A current documentary series on BBC3 called The Week the Women Went presented the carefully edited consequences of removing girlfriends, wives and mothers from a village in Nottinghamshire. John-Paul Flintoff

What About Battered Men? For thirty years now, researchers have known that wives kick, punch, stab, or shoot their husbands about as often as husbands kick, punch, stab, or shoot their wives. But federal law ignores the facts and instead uses the power of the purse to get states to impose Kafkaesque policies that punish victimized men and reward violent women. Mark Rosenthal

The Restraining Order Scam Here’s how the ploy works. A woman who feels in the slightest way abused goes to a judge to request a restraining order. This is usually done at an “ex-parte” hearing, meaning the hearing is done in secret and the judge does not bother to invite testimony from the alleged abuser. Carey Roberts

UK Paternity Fraud The growth in genetic checks reveals that 1 in 25 men are bringing up children they mistakenly believe are their own. Finding out the truth can be devastating.

New Prostate Test A technique developed by British scientists could save many men from needless operations for prostate cancer.

Women Like Money Spent On Them Men who spend big money wining and dining their dates are not frittering away hard-earned cash. According to a pair of UK researchers, they are merely employing the best strategy for getting the girl without being taken for granted.

Feminism And Empire Some years ago a British officer, Sir John Glubb, wrote a pamphlet on the rise and fall of empires. A sure sign of an empire’s decline and impending fall was, he said, the rise of feminism. Charley Reese

What Is VAWA? In case you’re wondering, here’s the meaning of VAWA: the Violence Against Women Act is a $1 billion-a-year law that turns every marital tiff into a hate crime against women. Carey Roberts

MacDworkinism Feminist elites in conspiracy with America’s Neo-Marxists are seeking a gradual usurpation of power through cultural and legal changes, and view the courts and college campuses as agents of social change towards the bloodless communist revolution. Eric Ross - 8 min

VAWA pours money into the Domestic Violence industry and the so called Family Shelters whose advocates from the N.O.W. rank and file coach women in how to profit from mounting false allegations, how to maximize their payoffs by breaking up families while their husbands are still at the peak of their earning capacity.

Restraining Orders Dished Out Like Candy In some states, police officers forfeit their right to possess weapons (and consequently lose their jobs) by the mere fact that a woman has made a police report of domestic violence. Glenn Sacks

Marriage Rip-Off A wife was unjustly awarded £5 million of her husband’s fortune despite their short-lived marriage because a judge ruled that the act of marrying him had given her a legitimate expectation of a higher standard of living, the Court of Appeal was told yesterday.

Say No To VAWA It's a mystery why Republicans continue to put a billion dollars a year of taxpayers' money into the hands of radical feminists who use it to preach their anti-marriage and anti-male ideology, promote divorce, corrupt the family court system, and engage in liberal political advocacy. Phyllis Schlafly

Sex Differences What is it that makes women want to chat about the events of their day while men would rather reflect on theirs in silence? Why do men generally gravitate to computer and sports magazines while women prefer gossip and relationship glossies? 

Feminism In Europe Karl Marx taught that if women desired to free themselves from the shackles of patriarchy, they first had to wrest control over the means of reproduction. Now birth rates in Europe have plummeted, choking off the inflow of young workers and imperiling the financial viability of the social welfare state. Carey Roberts

Swedish Feminists The definition of abuse in her report includes having been shoved, having been exposed to verbal threats or having been given an unwelcome hug, at least once since you were 16 years old. Any women who has admitted to have been shoved once by her brother after the age of 16 years old has been included in the same category as women who are regularly beaten by their husbands. Nima Sanandaji

Domestic Violence Arrests Ordinary citizens arrested in the middle of the night, thrown in jail on false charges, never seeing the inside of their homes again. Show trials with predetermined outcomes. Dissidents forced into treatment for politically incorrect thoughts. Lisa Scott

The VAWA Fraud VAWA-funded organizations routinely discriminate against men seeking help. Ten VAWA-funded women's shelters in Los Angeles were recently sued for refusing a male victim help. Rather than offering to stop their blatant discrimination, they went to court to defend their right to continue the discrimination. Mark Rosenthal

Grabbing Arm Is New Sex Offence Fitzroy Barnaby said he had to swerve to avoid hitting the 14-year-old Des Plaines girl who walked in front of his car. She said he yelled, "Come here, little girl," before getting out of his car and grabbing her by the arm.

On Perry Manley Here is the truly sad part: it is so easy for government and media to portray one guy as a nut to avoid dealing with the core issues. David Usher

VAWA Should Go I hope VAWA becomes the Titanic of the legislative approach to social problems. I hope it sinks spectacularly. Wendy McElroy

Larry Summers Was Right My father is now currently the chair of the Harvard math department, and this is why I laugh at Ms. Paur's accusations of sexism. I grew up roaming the halls of that department, spitting off the balconies and scribbling on the blackboards, and let me tell you, there just isn't any sexism. Alice Taubes

Fathers In Trouble More than five million American children each year have their access to their noncustodial parents interfered with or blocked by custodial parents. Behind that statistic are legions of heroic divorced or separated fathers who fight a long, hard but generally unrecognized battle to remain a meaningful part of the lives of the children who love them and need them. Jeffery Leving and Glenn Sacks

Hidden Fantasies Last year, a 44-year-old woman discovered that a lot of women she knows harbor unspoken fantasies. Daniel Terdiman

On The Michael Jackson Trial A surprising number of Americans still imagine that Jackson must have abused somebody. This is precisely how we have been programmed to think by feminists throughout the liberal media. David Usher

What Is A Crime? Lawyers for Edward Ray Barton say they’ll ask a state appeals court to decide if a person should be punished for viewing pornographic photos of children online.

What Have Feminists Done to America's Fathers? For three decades, feminists have toyed with the question that Maureen Dowd chose as the title of her forthcoming book, Are Men Necessary? That's just the latest version of Gloria Steinem's famous line, "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." Phyllis Schlafly

Feminism Today What we call feminism today is merely the political sanction of the expendability of men. Men today have little political sponsorship, even though their cause is more “grass roots” than feminism ever was. Mike Spaniola

Sperm Donors Cheated The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is weighing a case with the potential to strike fear in the hearts of sperm donors who thought they were getting $50 for their genetic material and nothing more -- certainly no responsibility for babies created with it.

Fathers4Justice Reaches America On Friday, June 17th, Members of Fathers-4-Justice US and supporters will gather in Concord, NH and Boston, MA to raise public awareness of the plight of fathers and children within inequitable state family court systems.

Women Have It Both Ways Women, it seems, are far too tired to sleep with us these days. They are also too tired to do paid work and that unpaid domestic servitude we males glibly pass off as “housework”. Women, in short, are completely whacked [tired]. 
Rod Liddle

Successful Romance And Education Linked University dons have discovered that it is not class nor money that best form a long-lasting relationship but your schooling. An analysis of thousands of couples across Britain found that 60% of marriages were between couples of similar scholastic ability.

Equality For those who believe in fairness, we need to ask this simple question: Equal rights for men and fathers — who could possibly be against that? Carey Roberts

The Changing Face Of Marriage We can certainly create more healthy marriages than we do now and we can save more marriages that are in trouble. But we can never reinstate marriage as the primary source of commitment and caregiving in the modern world. Stephanie Coontz

Fathers' Rights Victory In Massachusetts A determined father in Massachusetts has delivered an early Father's Day gift to non-custodial parents, the overwhelming majority of whom are dads. Wendy McElroy

Breast Cancer Breast Cancer The disproportionate media prominence of breast cancer has had a knock-on effect on the status of the disease in the oncological hierarchy. Because such a lot is written about it, it has filtered into the policy-making consciousness that breast cancer is a more pressing issue than, say, bowel cancer. Zoe Williams

Domestic Violence Myths Domestic violence occurs, gender feminists claim, because of the suppression of women’s rights, sexism and the power and control of men over women in society. Gender feminists ignore the fact that the vast majority of professionals have documents that this gender feminist claim is not true. Richard Davis

Statistical Shenanigans Always present your statistics in nice round numbers like 75%. That way if you are challenged, you can always fall back and say the number is an “estimate.” Carey Roberts

Buying Jewelry For The Wife Every year, in Japan, they have an International Jewelry fair. Company and factory reps come from all over the world to gather and sell their goods to a still wealthy Japanese market. The only people who are allowed into this Jewelry fair are licensed dealers and reps – the general public is not allowed. There's a good reason for this too. If the general public were allowed in and they found out what was really going on, no one would buy jewelry anymore. At least not from jewelry shops and departments stores. That's for sure. Mike Rogers - 5 min

Mother Nature Is Not A Feminist Although Rhoads does not posit a direct link between high levels of testosterone and a feminist worldview, he suggests that it might be one source of the tension between feminist and traditional women. Indeed, Rhoads's book poses significant challenges to mainstream feminism, whose devotees continue to impart a feverish urgency to the denial of sex differences. Christine Rosen - 9 min

Fathers4Justice In America Fathers 4 Justice -- a fathers' rights group that originated in Britain to crusade for child custody and access rights in divorce--has just landed on American shores with the creation of F4J-US . Wendy McElroy

Sex Differences True justice for radical feminists means overcoming gender and establishing an androgynous society. So when Summers asserted that something besides artificial cultural roles—something besides “gender”—might account for the distinct positions of men and women in society, he was undermining the intellectual and political foundation of the entire women’s studies establishment. Stanley Kurtz - 10 min

From either a biological or cultural point of view, then, the feminist project of androgyny is ultimately doomed. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t do harm in the meantime. In America, many boys are slipping behind in school; their sisters are significantly more likely to go on to college. Yet thanks largely to the influence of academic feminists, legal and educational resources still flow disproportionately to supposedly victimized girls. In the end, gender won’t disappear, whatever the mavens of women’s studies hope, but the careers of some bright young men probably will.

Weakening The Family Once society comes to believe that members of the male sex are a menace to women, it becomes easy to enact laws that strip men of their Constitutional rights of due process and equal treatment under the law. Carey Roberts

Women Lag Behind In Chess In part, the sex imbalance can be explained by history: men have been playing chess for 2,000 years, women only since the late 19th century. Jodi Wilgoren

When women play chess with men they should really be given two moves for each move that the men are allowed to make, and maybe given a couple of extra pieces. And they should also be given more time; perhaps two hours for every hour. This would partly help to compensate for the 2000 years of discrimination that they have faced.

A few million dollars annually spent by the government for women-only chess classes would also help women to compete fairly with men. 

It is now time to put an end to discrimination in chess.

Faculty Diversity At America's top universities, gender and diversity are more important than hard science. Ben Shapiro

False Accusations Despite its many painful and unseemly aspects, the Kobe Bryant case and the media storm surrounding it have drawn attention to a severely neglected problem: false accusations. Marc Angelucci and Glenn Sacks

Harvard Reaches Out to Women Scientists Harvard President Lawrence Summers committed his university Monday to spending $50 million over the next decade on a range of programs — from mentoring to child care to late-night transport — aimed at improving the climate for women scientists, many of whom were angered by his remarks that questioned female aptitude for top-level math and science.

Men Are Devalued A former director of Lifeline, Bruce Mackie, says more men than women are dying in the workplace, on the roads and in water, and from cancer, heart disease and suicide, because they have learned not to value themselves.

Put Smut In Its Place Gil Reavill makes it clear that he sees nothing wrong with sexually explicit material "being available to every consenting adult who seeks it out." He reminds us -- several times -- that he opposes government censorship, supports freedom of speech and belongs to the American Civil Liberties Union. But he objects strenuously to having smut flung in our faces when we're not looking for it. Regina Lynn

The Risk Of Marriage And Divorce If men don't want the problems associated with divorce, they should not get married. Modern family law gives men little reason to get married and gives women little reason to stay married. Paul Robbins - 6 min 

Motivation While some psychologists still argue that people perform better when they do something because they want to – rather than for some kind of reward, such as money -- Steven Reiss suggests we shouldn't even make that distinction.

The Science of Gender and Science A debate between Harvard psychology professors Steven Pinker and Elizabeth Spelke. ... Both presented scientific evidence with the realization and understanding that there was nothing obvious about how the data was to be interpreted. Their sharp scientific debate informed rather than detracted. And it showed how a leading University can still fulfill its role of providing a forum for free and open discussion on controversial subjects in a fair-minded way. It also had the added benefit that the participants knew what they were talking about. Steven Pinker and Elizabeth Spelke - 60 min

Federal Government Promotes Fatherlessness We can no longer ignore how taxpayer money is providing incentives for divorce and creating fatherless children. Nor can we ignore the government's complicity in the predictable social costs that result from more than 17 million children growing up without fathers. Phyllis Schlafly

Dads Are Marginalised Anyone who has spent time in family court can testify that there are plenty of terrible parents of both genders. But in a lot of courtrooms, fathers are seen as little more than the keepers of the checkbooks. William McGee

Paternity Fraud Victory A Frenchman has won a ground-breaking ruling against his former wife and her lover, ordering them to pay back the money that he had spent on bringing up a child he had mistakenly assumed to be his own.

Male-Bashing Anti-male bigotry and paranoia can have harmful consequences for women. Carey Roberts

Polygamists Create Bridges The normally secretive polygamous community of Bountiful BC opened its doors and presented a well orchestrated media blitz designed to "create bridges" between themselves and the rest of Canada.

Single Dads Are Better? Nine out of 10 single parent families are run by mothers but Dr Farrell says in most cases children come out better if they are cared for by their fathers.

Singles Therapy You can spend thousands of dollars these days on matchmaking services to help you find a mate. After that's taken care of, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on marriage counseling to help keep the relationship working.. - the link to the second page comes below an advert. 

His Brain, Her Brain It turns out that male and female brains differ quite a bit in architecture and activity. Research into these variations could lead to sex-specific treatments for disorders such as depression and schizophrenia. Larry Cahill - 16 min

Male monkeys spent more time playing with the "masculine" toys than their female counterparts did, and female monkeys spent more time interacting with the playthings typically preferred by girls.

Men And Divorce The stories are always the same: she took his house, his car, and his kids. She made more money than him and he still had to pay alimony. She accused him of physical abuse and the courts didn't even ask for evidence. Douglas Cooney

Equal Pay Numerous studies have proven that women who never have children enjoy lifetime earnings virtually identical to men. Ned Rice

Collaborative Divorce Fort Wayne attorney John H. Brandt has handled divorces and other family-law cases for 27 years. Listening to both parties in child-custody cases “say everything negative about the other person they can drum up,” he said, takes a toll on everyone involved, including the attorneys. Jennifer Boen

Prostate Problems? Two years ago, I began getting up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom. Gary North - an extremely short article!

Match Makers If Yente, the matchmaker from "Fiddler on the Roof," were with us today, she would probably be a multimillionaire. Finding a meaningful relationship is so important to American singles that this age-old tradition is now a hip new career. But today's matchmakers are more likely to look as if they walked off a runway than stepped out of a shtetl. Kim Campbell

Only Some Women Are Women Purportedly devoted to women's equality, the WRC is really just an example of wasted tuition dollars. It's a shaky proposition in the first place to dedicate an entire administrative office to only one gender. But the WRC has shown it can't even do that. Allison Kasic

Men Are Wimps The main problem with men today is that they are not men, but frightened little boys – afraid of their bosses, their wives, their girlfriends and their government. They are afraid of their employees, their children and their children's teachers. Vox Day

On Andrea Dworkin While Dworkin spoke passionately on behalf of women, her advocacy was undercut by her bizarre claims. Cathy Young

Online Dating - Rate Your Date TrueDater is a database of reviews written by people who met through online personals. It's like Amazon.com, only instead of books, you're reviewing people. More specifically, you are reviewing their ability to represent themselves online. Regina Lynn

Men Are Avoiding Marriage Young men are already responding to the increasingly odious burden of marriage by delaying it or avoiding it altogether, but for the most part, they are doing so without conscious design. Vox Day

Domestic Violence Myths Evidence suggests that there are actually as many wives and girlfriends who murder their male partners as vice versa. Glenn Sacks

Ludicrous Compensation Awards Last week Laura Zubulake, a 44-year-old former Wall Street banker, won £15.6m in a sex discrimination case. ... I wonder how much cases such as these really help women. India Knight

These cases might help a few women but the resentment that they engender is likely to have a large negative impact on women throughout much of society.

Paternity Test Required My adventure began in August of 2004 when I received a letter from the Office of the District Attorney in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. My first thought was, "where in the heck is Tangipahoa Parish?" This letter informed me that I was the noncustodial (sic) parent of three children between the ages of three and twelve and that I was expected to appear two weeks hence with all appropriate financial documents so that child support payments could be arranged. Rob Blackstock

Proud Of Being A Man All of modern life’s infrastructure—homes, buildings, plumbing, clean water, medicine, sanitation, electronics, law, literature, art, and bountiful food—were built or made possible through the sweat and labor of men. Dallas Claymore - 7 min

The Wonders Of Testosterone Testosterone has a bad reputation. The public image of it is closely linked to the idea of dumb aggression, to the caveman. But this is a far from complete image. In recent years new research is starting to show that it would be more accurate to associate this much maligned hormone with Newton, Da Vinci, Einstein and Edison than the rough and brutal Neanderthal. Testosterone, it seems, could be the true driver of our civilisations. Darren Blacksmith - 4 min

British Justice After a five-day hearing at the Old Bailey, Luxford was convicted of two charges of rape and one of indecent assault. There was no medical evidence and no corroboration. The jury apparently believed that Kimberley was a better witness than Luxford. Sentencing was deferred for two months and then he was given a total of seven years in prison

Academic Polyamory “I have four partners,” Dr Barker said. “I have two main partners — Ani and Erich — and two other fairly regular partners. I live with two, spending about half my time with each, and see the other two maybe once a week. Two are male, two are female. Lewis Smith

Twisted Feminist Rules? Mother Nature does not play by the rules of political correctness. And not even Harvard can flourish when intellectual freedom is forced to play by twisted feminist rules. Christina Hoff Sommers 

Fathers Treated Like Dirt Sherrill was held captive by the Iraqis for five months. Upon his return to North Carolina, he was arrested for non-payment of $1,425 in child support that accrued while he was a hostage. Wendy McElroy 

Media Cover Up Boys In Trouble Findings A new Duke University study on child well-being says one thing but the university’s press release and subsequent news articles say quite another. Glenn Sacks

Man-Hate At The University Of New Hampshire Throughout the first part of the evening, the girls sang songs about "man-hating" and glamorized it. ...The girls wore scissors around their necks. David Hoffman

Hypocritical Feminists What's particularly interesting is that even most self-described feminists believe there's an essential femaleness that is different from maleness. Jonah Goldberg

Gold Diggers Erica exclusively dates men with money. Brittany Schaeffer 

Erg For Erg, Women Earn More Than Men? Women sales engineers earn 143% of their male counterparts' salary. Marty Nemko

Women Are Not Very Interested In Politics The uncomfortable fact is that women just seem less interested in politics than men. Catherine Seipp 

Women In Congress Should Not Serve Women Alone There isn't a single female member of Congress who doesn't daily violate her oath of office because she has no concept or understanding of constitutional government. They legislate for "the sisterhood." Devvy Kidd 

Gendercide Incarceration and capital punishment are among the most gender-selective of all repressive institutions. In most countries of the world, the proportion of those incarcerated and executed is at least 95 percent male, often higher. 15 min

Military Dads Cheated When the Iraq war began two years ago, tens of thousands of fathers who serve in the Armed Forces expected hardship and sacrifice. However, they never expected that their children might be taken from them while they were deployed, or that their own government might jail them upon their return. Jeffrey Leving and Glenn Sacks

Women Choose To Be Paid Less Sex discrimination in the workplace is largely a myth, a new study has claimed, with the pay gap between the genders explained by differences in what men and women are looking for in a job

The Gender Pay Gap Myth Never-married, college-educated males who work full time make only 85 percent of what comparable women earn. John Leo 

Reservist Soldiers Treated Like Dirt Child-support orders for reservists are usually based on their civilian wages. When they are called up to active duty that burden doesn't decrease. Phyllis Schlafly 

Robbing The Father Of His Child Lorenzo Harrington attended each of Elicia's 30 well-baby checkups. He offered encouragement and support throughout the 23-hour labor. And when Baby Wade was born Aug. 17, 2003, Harrington was the first person to hold him. ... But hours after Elicia was discharged from the hospital on Aug. 19, the mother flew to Utah to surrender the baby without Lorenzo's knowledge

Flailing Feminists The Susan Estrich e-mail bomb highlights a big problem with the women's movement now: Its spokeswomen just don't sound very smart, and haven't for a long time. Catherine Seipp 

Bogus Attacks "You beat this girl, she has the marks, she has no witnesses, but you're guilty.

More Domestic Violence Lies Exposed? The CDC website documents unequivocally that domestic violence is NOT the most common cause of nonfatal injury to women in the United States. There is not a single scientific study anywhere in the United States, or in fact elsewhere, that documents this claim to be true. Richard Davis - 4 min 

Fathers Cheated Out Of Child Benefit A rule which means separated fathers can claim no benefits for their child even if they share almost equal care is "grotesque", "degrading", and brings the law into disrepute, according to an appeal court ruling

Anti-Father Child Custody Courts By making allegations of fault (true or false, major or petty) against the male, the female can usually get the family court to grant her their children and his money. Phyllis Schlafly 

Feminist Scientists "I think if you come to participate in a research conference you should expect speakers to present hypotheses that you may not agree with and then discuss them on the basis of research findings." Surely that is not demanding too much of people who consider themselves scientists. Jacob Sullum 

Feminism And Communism For 40 years, the feminist cause was sustained and nurtured by the Communist Party of the USA. Carey Roberts 

Paternity Testing Being Thwarted German politicians seeking to outlaw secret paternity tests won a first battle on Wednesday, much to the disappointment of fathers' rights groups hoping for greater justice in the areas of alimony and child support.

Fatherlessness USA Thousands, perhaps millions, of middle-class children are growing up fatherless because family courts have deprived them of fathers. Phyllis Schlafly 

Get A Pre-Nup With divorce rates skyrocketing getting your fiancé to ink a prenup is a necessity, not a choice. Matthew Fitzgerald 

Feminism Is About Revenge One of the biggest lies perpetuated by modern-day feminists is the contention that feminism is about equality. Feminists aren't interested in equality. What they want is revenge. Lydia Lovric 

Give Boys A Break I have since become the mother of a son, and I owe her a large apology. I used to regard the male sex with deep suspicion — but the more my son teaches me about men, the more I like them. Kate Saunders 

Inside A Batterers Program I was forced by DSS to attend a "support group" for abused women, against my will. Or else I would never see my daughter again. Nev Moore 

Women Are Oppressed? Hundreds of men trying to flee the assault on Fallujah have been turned back by U.S. troops following orders to allow only women, children and the elderly to leave.

Father Denied Access For Speaking In Polish A Polish father has been denied access to his daughters after refusing to guarantee that he would speak to them only in German


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